Mercedes-Benz Actros cleans track beds on rails

Ah Vrij has commissioned a Mercedes-Benz Actros with an excavator body and railway undercarriage for the maintenance of railway lines in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Ah Vrij is a specialist company in landscaping, excavation and infrastructure from Wateringen in the Netherlands.

The truck with the three-pointed star is a three-axle vehicle with a large double blower.

Rick Vrij, whose grandfather founded the enterprise, said: “It’s actually a truck with a large vacuum cleaner on top of it. And this vacuum cleaner will be used in the Netherlands and Belgium. Since its completion, the vehicle has not stopped.”

The Actros with the “vacuum cleaner” cleans the Schiphol tunnel four times a year, removing dust, sand, cans and paper. This is said to take 27 nights for the enterprise to accomplish.

Ah Vrij also vacuums a 7km-long railway tunnel in Belgium on 12 weekends.

With the support of the Mercedes-Benz Truck Bedrijven dealership, Rick Vrij decided to expand the fleet with this 3-axle truck and ordered a Mercedes-Benz Actros 3351L, 6x4, based on its compact dimensions and its gross train weight of 33 tonnes.

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