Neil Yates Recovery uses Totalkare equipment

Rochester-based operator Neil Yates Recovery has invested in Totalkare equipment to ensure its fleet of recovery trucks remain in peak operational condition.

Totalkare’s T8DC mobile column lifts are said to make the process of lifting and maintaining vehicles safer and more convenient. The T8DC's advanced technology ensures precise control and safety during lifting operations.

The T8DC can also be used in combinations of four, six or eight columns. With a fleet of predominantly tri-axle vehicles, Neil Yates Recovery’s investment in a set of six columns provides full fleet lifting capability, while the T8DC’s adjustable forks come into play when switching between vehicles for maintenance.

Additionally, Totalkare’s mobile brake tester has contributed to cost savings by bringing brake testing in-house.

Furthermore, the integration of mobile shaker plates enables testing of vehicle components, guaranteeing that they are in optimal condition.

Jo Williams, workshop manager at Neil Yates Recovery, said: "Totalkare's products have been a game-changer for us. With our extensive fleet, it's crucial that every vehicle is in perfect shape. The T8DC mobile column lifts, mobile brake tester, and shaker plates have not only improved our productivity but also instilled confidence that our trucks are always ready for action.”

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