Texaco launches HDAX 8200 SAE 40

Texaco has introduced HDAX 8200 SAE 40, a performance dispersant and detergent-type extended drain gas engine oil designed for low emission 4-cycle engines.
(Image credit: AdobeStock by Postmodern Studio)

The product is recommended for natural gas applications, particularly those in cogeneration environments. HDAX 8200 SAE 40 is formulated to meet catalyst compatibility requirements thanks to its low phosphorus additive formulation and is suitable for use with fuels containing low levels of sulphur and Chloro-Fluoro-Carbons.

Texaco’s HDAX 8200 SAE 40 product is said to offer customers enhanced drain intervals and reduced oil usage due to good oxidation, nitration resistance, and base number retention. It also helps to reduce maintenance requirements through effective deposit, sludge, and wear control, while promoting engine cleanliness with dispersant or detergent, and oxidation or nitration resistant systems.

Formulated with premium base oils, HDAX 8200 SAE 40 contains low sulphur, nitrogen and aromatics. The product features an advanced additive package containing ashless dispersants, oxidation inhibitors, metallic detergents and a metallic anti-wear agent.

According to Texaco, this provides good corrosion resistance while helping to prevent combustion chamber deposits. The advanced low ash additive system also helps to reduce valve recession and lower pre-ignition risks.

HDAX 8200 SAE 40 has already gained approval from MTU, for Series 4000 gas engines, Model types L61, L62, L63 and L64, as well as from Bergen Engines, for natural gas engines B36:45, B35:40, C26:33, and K-G1-2-3.

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