Bridgestone demonstrates TPMS at eSafety Challenge 2011

Bridgestone Europe will demonstrate its new TPMS (tyre pressure monitoring system) for commercial vehicles at the eSafety Challenge 2011, near Vienna, today (31 May).
Neil Purves, of Bridgestone, explains that the patented system is based on a valve with a built-in radio frequency unit that screws onto the stem. Its ultra low power usage allows for a much smaller construction than typically used on TPMS sensors. By sending pressure, temperature and identification number every four seconds, the TPMS provides fleet engineers with everything they need for vehicle tyres. The data can be read by vehicle inspectors with mobile devices, or with a 'gate' system that allows immediate corrective action to be taken. "In addition to increasing vehicle safety, use of the system helps avoid the additional fuel consumption and tyre wear caused by even a small loss of tyre pressure" says Purves. Bridgestone's TPMS will be available from July for commercial vehicles operating under a Bridgestone Total Fleet Management contract.

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