Driver CPC course moves online

TTC Group is now able to deliver its driver CPC courses and core fleet manager courses online in virtual classrooms.

It has obtained formal approval to do so from JAUPT – the organisation for quality assurance programme of centres and courses for the driver CPC periodic training. From 15 April, TTC Group will deliver all its half-day courses and its driver personal performance course online from Wednesday 15th April.

The impact of Covid-19 has brought significant challenges to many businesses and the face-to-face training industry in particular. Nearly all classroom-based courses have been postponed or cancelled, although the need for training and maintaining vehicle fleet compliance has not diminished.

As per the existing JAUPT guidelines, seven hours of training will be required during a 24-hour period, meaning each driver will need to complete two different 3½ courses within that period.

At the same time, TTC Group is simultaneously announcing its capability to deliver its 90-minute line manager training and driver safety awareness courses online.

Jim Kirkwood, CEO TTC Group, comment: “The business environment has changed out of all recognition and we needed to react quickly. That’s why I’m delighted we can now offer our training using virtual classroom technology. We’ve had to pull together a dedicated team to make our dream a reality, as well as liaising closely with JAUPT to get their formal approval to move online in record time. Clearly, necessity is the mother of invention, but you need a great team to deliver it quickly, and at TTC, we are fortunate to have one. ”

In other Driver CPC news, DVSA has relaxed its periodic training requirements for spring and summer 2020. Professional lorry and bus drivers whose driver qualification card (DQC) expires in the period 1 March 2020 to 30 September 2020 can continue driving, it says. Drivers should continue to carry their expired DQC during this period.

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