Maha UK launches new mobile column lifts

Maha UK has launched its C_RGA mobile column lift, which includes a lithium-ion battery as standard for the first time.
(Image credit: Maha)

The C_RGA mobile column lift is available in both 7.5t and 8.5t formats.

According to Maha, the C_RGA is an all-rounder for vehicle maintenance work:

Smart connectivity: Equipped with wireless data communication and a lithium-ion battery, the C_RGA offers quick charging and longer-lasting power. This improves workshop efficiency.

New communications protocol: A double antenna (LoRa radio modulation) guarantees an interference-free operation, even in busy workshop environments. NFC tag pairing also simplifies and secures the connection process. This offers convenience and peace of mind to users.

Oil-free operation: The electromechanical drive means oil is not required. This results in little maintenance and a cleaner working environment.

Precision positioning: The worm gear motor ensures correct vertical positioning; therefore, users can be sure of an accurate and safe lift.

Optimised design: The slim column design offers an overall view during manoeuvres, while the improved chassis allows for easy movement with the smallest turning radius.

Reliable back-up: ‘Daisy-chained’ charging cables guarantee uninterrupted use. This provides a reliable backup solution to ensure no downtime!

The C_RGA’s predecessor, the RGA, remains available while stock lasts.

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