Cyclist safety boost with warning system for commercial vehicles

Fuel anti-theft device supplier FuelDefend Global and safety device manufacturer Autosonics have formed a joint venture to sell a cyclist and pedestrian warning system for commercial vehicles.
The business, called TruckPal, will use FuelDefend's sales force to promote the SideWarn system, developed by Autosonics. Jamie MacSween, managing director of Autosonics, explains that SideWarn provides alerts for both driver and cyclist. A red LED light and buzzer warns the driver when a cyclist comes into the danger area, around 0.5m from the vehicle. At the same time, an external 90dB alarm alerts the cyclist, with an optional external warning light for cyclists using headphones. Sensors along the side of the truck are activated by a combination of vehicle speed and indicators: the system is active at speeds of up to 15mph, and is automatically triggered by the indicators, he says. "There are products on the market that either don't activate in time to be effective, or are set off so frequently the driver becomes immune, or switches off the system," warns MacSween. "Our research and testing over the last 10 years have allowed us to find the best balance to operate in real world conditions," he asserts. And Russell Fowler, chairman of FuelDefend, adds: "The SideWarn system is a tried-and-tested solution, which can be fitted by manufacturers or bought as an aftermarket product."

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