Driver CPC training for career progression, not just compliance – RTITB

Career progression is too often overlooked as a benefit of Driver CPC training. That’s the view of industry training body RTITB, whose managing director Laura Nelson says: “It doesn’t have to just be about maintaining a driver’s qualification or compliance.

“Planned and implemented in the right way, it can be a valuable way to truly develop drivers and find ways to progress their careers.”

RTITB is developing new modules for Driver CPC periodic training, including one that is aimed at giving drivers the skills to become team leaders, supervisors and managers.

The organisation points out that with 35 hours of compulsory training during every five-year cycle, Driver CPC can be used as an effective professional development tool to assist with career progression.

“The right choice of Driver CPC course can give drivers the chance to learn new, interesting and different skills, such as management and supervision,” says Nelson. “Traditionally considered too ‘advanced’ for drivers, these areas are often overlooked by employers. However, by incorporating them in Driver CPC training, drivers have an opportunity to truly develop a career, not just maintain their existing skills.”

Nelson urges employers to consider which topics could add value to the business, rather than opting to repeat courses on, for example, drivers hours or tachographs: “With drivers so crucial to the future success of the logistics sector, some businesses may find that training courses which aid career progression are their wisest investment.”

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